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Aqua Cool Mint Kit 510gm

Aqua Cool Mint Kit 510gm

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Aqua Cool Mint Kit

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Product Description

Aqua Cool Mint Kit

Aqua cool mint kit is ideal to rub a cool look on your face. Its aqua based formula takes away dehydration and makes your skin waft with fresh look other body cleansing components. It cleanses the skin pores, removes dry and dehydrated layers by deeply penetrating into the skin. It removes excess sebum and gives natural sheen to the skin resulting in a natural and cool feeling.USP : Control acne. Makes skin look glowing.


Skin type : Suitable for oily to sensitive skin

Age : All ages.

Method of treatment :

Step 1 : Cleanser

Step 2 : Scrub

Step 3 : Massage Gel

Step 4 : Massage Cream

Step 5 : Pack

Step 6 : Serum

Action : Aqua cool mint facial system gives long lasting hydration without leaving sticky sensation or a greasy coating. Water therapy nourishes the skin deep within.

• NANO LPD revitalizes the skin in its purest form. It increases the efficacy and decreases the unwanted side effects of the active ingredients.

• Active ingredients like menthol mint extract, mahogany oil, olive oil, rose water, fennel seed oil and aloe vera penetrate into deepest layers of skin, remove the layers of dead cells and then restore the lost luster back and vital Vitamins are infused to nurture the skin.

Result : The skin looks radiant and glowing every day. Aqua radiance makes the skin oil-free, sun protected, tonned , fresh and young.

Treatment duration : 45 Minutes.

Recommendation : Recommended after every 15 days.

Units in box : 6

SKU : 510gm


Menthol mint Mxtract, Mahogany Oil, Olive Oil, Rose Water, Fennel Seed Oil, Aloe Vera


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