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Acnend Anti Pimple Kit 510gm

Acnend Anti Pimple Kit 510gm

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Acnend Anti Pimple Kit

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Product Description

Acnend  Anti Pimple Kit

‘Acne’the word itself send shivers. These blotchy red scars really force you hide your face and gradually you shun yourself away from the festivities of life. Acne normally develops during puberty when sebum glands come to life but at the same time they can also appear during the middle age due to hormonal imbalance.

USP : Uneven skin tone & Pigmentation. It decreases the visible sign of acne and skin refining.

Skin type : Suitable for oily & Acne-prone skin.

Age : All Ages.


Method of treatment :

Step 1 : Cleanser

Step 2 : Scrub

Step 3 : Massage Gel

Step 4 : Massage Cream

Step 5 : Pack

Step 6 : Serum


Action : Aryanveda’s organic Anti Acnend Kit brings a sigh of relief to all victims of acne. This revolutionary product is made with Organic Contents that insures 100% chemical free acne treatment. It is a beautiful comibation of Organic extracts and Nano LPD.

NANO Technology that liberate your skin from the shackles of acne and unveils a beautiful skin, hidden till now underneath the evil of acne.

Active ingredients like Florentina root extract, Tea Tree oil, Grape fruits seed extract reduce the Acne prone and pigmentation.

 Result : Improve the overall appearance of the complexion by decreasing the dullness of the skin and unveils a beautiful skin, limit inflammation caused by the rapid growth of bacteria.

Treatment duration : 45 Minutes.

Recommendation : 6 session with the gap of 15 day.

Units in box: 6

SKU : 510gm


Florentina root extract, Tea Tree oil, Grape fruits seed extract


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