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24 K Gold Skin Vitality Kit 510gm

24 K Gold Skin Vitality Kit 510gm

Rs.2,350.00 Rs.2,115.00 Per Item

24 K Gold Skin Vitality Kit

HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

Product Description

24 K Gold Skin Vitality Kit

Imagination do not hold when skin gleams gold! Aryanveda Gold Kit packs the charisma of Nano technology, Gold Particles & botanical actives that add luster to your persona. It treats your skin deep, removes skin impurities, replenishes the skin with health & vitality and tightens up the sagging skin. Its miraculous effect reduces visible signs of ageing and you look years younger. 

USP : Glow facial for fair complex & normal to dry skin.

Skin type : Glow facial for fair complexion. 

Age : All ages.


Method of treatment :

Step 1 : Cleanser

Step 2 : Scrub

Step 3 : Massage Gel

Step 4 : Massage Cream

Step 5 : Pack

Step 6 : Serum

Action : Gold particles present in this Facial System is converted into finest form for better bioavailability so that gold particles could reach the deepest layer of skin.

• Gold acts deeply & selectively into the skin thanks to NANO Technology. It reduce fine lines on the face. Gold not only penetrate the skin, but also it promotes skin the rejuvenation. While accelerating skin renewal, it also helps to promote skin elasticity. Gold has been proven to contain anti-inflammatory properties.

• Active ingredients like Wheatgerm oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, lemon oil have beneficial effects towards making and keeping skin soft & glowing due to maintaining the natural oil and water balance intact.

 Result :

• Skin is rejuvenated.

• Elasticity is restored.

• Visible signs of aging are reduced.

Treatment duration : 45 Minutes.

Recommendation : Recommended after every 15 days.

Units in box: 6

SKU : 510gm.


Wheatgerm oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, lemon oil


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