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Marshmallow Egg Yolk Massage Cream

Radiant with Red Algae Extract

Let your skin set the admiration vogue with the wondrous benefits of egg yolk! Experience a finely textured well sculpted skin with APS Cosmetofood™ Marshmallow Egg Yolk perfectly alienated in age proven goodness of Egg Yolk, beaten perfectly with herbal actives and new age cosmetics to ensure the desired result. It has airy yellow texture to awaken the senses. The natural goodness of egg yolk fine tunes the skin; evens up the skin tone and tightens the skin pores. It utilizes the combination of Alkyl Glucoside and Organic Xanthan Gum which stabilizes significant oil phase. Alkyl Glucoside, the double agent, plays the role of an emulsifier as well as it maintains skin’s moisture and creates an allusion of divinity on earth. No wonder your beautiful skin will take a bow and will make everyone guess how!

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