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Raspberry Facial Cleanser

Skin Energiser Raspberry with Decyl Glucoside

Have you ever experienced the spirals of temptations rolling around you autonomously and you allow yourself gone with the flow! Enticing to imagine but actually not difficult to get… APS Cosmetofood Raspberry Facial Cleanser spells the same effect which is hard to escape. The miraculous combo of raspberry and honey takes you by a delightful surprise while cleansing your skin. Its gel-based formula absorbs quickly and treats skin impurities. The inclusion of Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate provide creamy foam, Apple Amino Acid; a fruit-concept surfactant adds a gentle touch. It also carries the goodness of Natural Polymer and Organic Acacea Senegal & Xanthan Gum to thicken, stabilize, and texturizes the foam while unleashing a veil of silky softness while Mineral Complex, a mineral cocktail, to stimulate the skin and re-acquire new energy. It is a complete skin cleansing experience in which you would like to indulge yourself in!

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