Egg White Face Mask – Video

Egg White Face Mask – Video


Egg Mask | Satin Touch with Quinoa Seed Exctract

A refreshing and awakening mask for tender skin, almost good enough to eat! All new APS Cosmetofood Refreshing Egg Whites Mask not only increases the beauty of your eyes but at the same time improves the glow of your facial skin. It carries the natural goodness of egg whites which is ideal for tightening and toning skin. It works wonders for greasy skin as it helps shrink large pores on the skin surface thereby reducing excess sebum. Scientifically proven skin safe Quinoa Seed Extract visibly erases under eye dark circles. The eyes look revitalized and refreshed. It also uses the winning association of natural thickner and Ecocertifeid Powder Polymer to smooth the skin texture and improve the stability of viscosity. The goodness of powder polymer provides a soft and gentle skin feeling.

Egg Whites Face Mask

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