Whitening and Brightening Cream

• Brightens and lightens the skin tone
• Suitable for both men and women
• Clarifies the skin
• Prevents early signs of aging
• Detoxifies skin

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Step 1 – Take a few drops of Activated Organic Spring Water on a cotton ball or a muslin cloth. This cloth doused in Activated Organic Spring Water is then to be used to wipe your face and neck gently (paying special attention to eye and lip area).

Step 2 – Take a small amount of Soya Milk Kumkumadi Cleanser into your palms or to a soft cotton ball. Apply the cleanser to face using a circular upwards motion. Make sure you cover all the areas – forehead, chin, nose, cheeks and neck. Massage your face for about 5 minute to remove dirt and dust. Allow the cleanser to penetrate the skin for a few minutes.

Step 3 – Take sufficient amount of Arctic Berry & Strawberry Enzyme Dermo Exfolient, apply it all over the face focusing on problem areas such as the t-zone, chin and corners of the mouth and rub it in upward circular motion for 5 mins. Best used with Activated Organic Spring Water.

Step 4 – Take sufficient quantity of Vanilla & Caramel Whitening Cream and apply on face and neck. Keep massaging in upward circular motion until the cream converts into tiny crystals. Keep doing the same process for 15 to 20 minutes until a smooth, hydrated and well textured skin is unveiled. Press gently and hold for up to 1 minute on the outer eye (by the top of the cheekbone), cheek (under the cheekbone, by the jaw) and chin (under the corners of the mouth) to activate energy points

Step 5 – Apply Mulberry & Licorice Mask evenly over the entire face as well as the neck avoiding eyes & lip. Allow mask to dry 15–20 minutes. Wipe off with cotton to discover a soft luminous and velvety skin.

Step 6 – Apply Whey Protein Eye Mask around the eyes, leave it to dry for 15 – 20 mins. Wipe it off with wet cotton.

Step 7 – Apply a thin layer of Almond Latte serum to cleansed skin using your fingertips and massage it gently for 3 – 5 minutes all over your face and neck as a finishing product. Leave on

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