Pro Biotic Curd Cleanser

Size : 50ml

Probiotic Curd Cleanser does immediate lifting and smoothing effect on dry and stretchy face . A significant rapid tensor effect produced in only 30 minutes. Restructuring property. Increases the water reserves. It helps your skin look young, fresh and healthy 24×7.

Facts to Know : offers lots of with benefits for the skin because it is rich in vitamin C, zinc and calcium which is recognized as the best ingredient for natural skin care

USP : Be yummylicious like curd – soft and healthy

FOR SKIN TYPE : For normal to dry skin

Fermented Soya Beans

Take a small amount of Probiotic Curd Cleanser into your palms or to a soft cotton washcloth. Apply the cleanser to your face using a circular upwards motion. Make sure you cover all the areas – forehead, chin, nose, cheeks and neck. Massage your face for about 3 minute to remove dirt and dust. Allow the cleaner to penetrate the skin for a few minutes. Rinse off with clean water. Pat dry.

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