Multigrain Porridge Exfoliant

Size : 50ml

Multigrain Porridge Exfoliant does instant exfoliation and improves the skin texture while performs anti-inflammatory functions. Smoothen dry skin leading to a healthy glowing skin.

Facts to Know : Multigrain has visible presence of lipoaminoacide which helps releasing toxins from the body that soothes and comforts the dry skin.

USP : Healthy glowing skin with the goodness of multigrain

FOR SKIN TYPE : For normal to dry skin

Almond Oil, Turmeric

Damp the face with clean water or best used with Activated Organic Spring Water, take sufficient amount of Multigrain Porridge Exfoliant, apply it all over your face and rub it in upward circular motion till the cream is absorbed well into skin. Best used with Activated Organic Spring Water. Rinse it clean to reveal a healthy glowing skin.

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