Blueberry Yogurt Mask

Size : 50ml

Blueberry Yogurt Mask a two way formula that rehydrates your skin. The skin barrier is reinforced in 24 hours by limiting water loss.Results are softer smoother skin in 28 days.

Facts to Know : Blueberry helps cutaneous comfort for sensitive skin and maintain water reserve for 24 hours.

USP : Hydrated skin with juicy and high nutrient blueberries

FOR SKIN TYPE : For all skin types including sensitive skin.

Blueberry Extract, Quinoa Seed Extract

Damp the face with Organic Activated Spring Water and apply Blueberry Yogurt Mask evenly over the entire face as well as the neck avoiding eyes & lip. Allow mask to dry 15–20 minutes. Wipe off with cotton to discover a soft luminous and velvety skin.

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