Coffee Massage Souffle – Video

Coffee Massage Souffle – Video

Unwind the Beauty in You

Let your skin set the admiration vogue with the wondrous benefits of Coffee Massage Soufflé! APS Cosmetofood bring you the experience of finely textured well sculpted skin with Coffee Massage Soufflé. Perfectly alienated in age proven goodness of Coffee, beaten perfectly with natural actives and new age cosmetics to ensure the desired result.It has airy brow texture like soufflé to awaken the senses. The natural goodness of Coffee beans fine tunes the skin; evens up the skin tone and tightens the pores. It utilizes the combination of Glycine Aminovector and Xylitylglucoside to prevent the proliferation of microbes and boosts immune defences to stop further breakout of acne & fights inflammation while Xylitylglucoside helps prolong moisturizing effect and restructuring property. It reduces the trans- epidermal moisture loss and strengthens the barrier function. No wonder your beautiful skin will take a bow and will make every one guess how!

Coffee Massage Souffle

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