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Isn’t it a delightful thought that you surrender yourself to the tempting chocolates and let coffee beans caress your body or melting caramel butter seeping deep into  your skin… the yogurt or marshmallow in their purest form making your skin healthy and happy the way they make your body. The lucid raspberry or may be tomato roll down on your skin leaving your akin beautiful and inviting the way the are. All seems thrilling but beyond reach and you feel it’s just a delightful thought and better to snap out of it . Don’t be. The fantasies are turning real with cosmeto food. The ethereal bliss of nature in its most natural and pure form is all braced to change the definition of beauty enhancing experience. Not prepared with beaten path but laying a new of its own.

Cosmeto- food range has been formulated to bring a radical change in beauty enhancement methodology. Cosmeto – food are skin gourmets in their purest and organic form.  Ushering in a new epoch, Cosmeto- food products have a delectable appearance and have the real food essence that conglomerate with beauty accelerating agents, actives or extracts without having any side effects. The entire range is ECOCERTTM certified that itself stamps their authenticity.